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Vtuber | ArtistA sleepy sheep spirit of the lost forest


Prices in USD - Pay through PaypalVGen page is now available
Status: OPEN
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$25 each
$60 for 3
$100 for 5
size 112x112px


$25size 500x500px

Soft style

$50size 1000x1000px


DM me (@myshleep) or email [email protected]You may order my commissions through my VGen page as well! ordering, please read my T.O.S.By ordering you accept my terms of service.
Fill form and send through dm

Paypal Email:
Type: (emote / chibi / soft style)
References: (links to character)

Terms of Service

1. There are no refunds.
2. Emote and chibi commissions are created solely for the client and may be used on their own platforms (etc. Twitch, Youtube, Discord, Twitter, etc).
3. Emote commissions MAY be used for profit in the form of subscriptions.
4. Emote and chibi commissions MAY NOT be resold to a third party.
5. Emote and chibi commissions MAY NOT be printed or sold as merchandise. Please contact Mylee at [email protected] for commercial inquiries.
6. FULL PAYMENT must be paid and cleared before the commission is started.
7. The Artist is not responsible for any changes after the work has been approved. If additional changes are requested post approval, there may be an additional charge.
8. Clients may commission a third party to animate the emotes as long as credit for the original artwork is given.
9. If the client requests characters of IPs not belonging to them (e.g. fanart of existing characters), they are solely responsible for the use of commissioned work. The artist holds no responsibility for DMCA claims due to the use of copyrighted characters.
10. Client understands that there is no physical item associated with this transaction. The final work will be sent via twitter or email

Commission Process

1. Fill and send in the commission form through Twitter DM.
2. After your form has been approved, payment must be sent through Ko-fi
3. Once full payment has been received, I will start your commission.
4. A sketch will be sent for changes and approval. Once the sketch has been approved, revisions aside from minor color changes WILL NOT be accepted. Please make sure you are happy with the posing and expression in the sketch. Changes after approval will be subject to extra charge. For instances of incorrect references provided, any completely new sketches requested will be subject to 50% fee of the original price.
5. The final artwork and files will be sent to your provided contact (twitter/email).

Live2D Commissions

Coming Soon

Commission acceptance is selective.
Form and examples coming soon.

Prices vary depending on the complexity

TypePrice (USD)
Full Body Art & Rig$800+
Full Body Art$500+
Chibi Art & Rig$300+
Chibi Art$200+
Live2D RiggingPriceIncludes
Full Body Rig$250+Body X Y Z , Angle X Y Z, Hair + Clothes Physics, Mouth Open, Eyes Open, Brows
Chibi Rig$100+Body X Y Z , Angle X Y Z, Hair + Clothes Physics, Mouth Open, Eyes Open, Brows
Extra Expressions+$20-$40
Extra Toggles+$50
Idle Motion+$50
Animated Motions+$50-$200
Extra outfit+$100-$300
Character Design Sheet+$150-$350